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Preserving and protecting our environment is important to Omega Plastics, because it is simply the right thing to do. We take pride in being a part of our community, and have made great strides to continue the “green” quest. We strive to reuse, reduce and recycle in all aspects of our business including the following:

  • Omega is a net consumer of recycled plastic compounds – We recycle the scrap we make, and buy considerable amounts of recycled materials from others to make environmentally friendly products for the markets we serve
  • Scrap cardboard and packaging materials are collected and recycled
  • Wood pallets are reused whenever possible, and when they are damaged the skids are collected and rebuilt by local businesses for consumption
  • Aluminum and steel scrap from our tool construction department is collected and recycled
  • Brass wire utilized in our state of the art Wire EDM processing is collected and recycled
  • We receive and send electronic PO’s, invoicing and other business documents from suppliers and customers whenever possible

Omega Plastics Sustainability Initiative

  • We encourage our customers to sign up for electronic invoicing and order acknowledgement to reduce paper usage
  • We employ innovative, energy efficient warehouse lighting that senses movement to activate only when people or equipment are present
  • Office lighting employs motion detection in appropriate areas to conserve energy
  • Our plant is operated on a 24 hour per day, 7 day per week schedule to spread our energy load out over as much non-peak time as possible

Omega is doing our part to preserve the environment so you and your children’s children can enjoy all that our precious earth has to offer.